Why You Don’t Want Your Videos to Go Viral

This might shock you, but you really don’t want your videos to go viral. After all, do you want 15 minutes of fame or do you want a sustainable business supported by your video marketing strategy?

My guess is that you’d much rather achieve the latter!

Photo credit: Davide Cassanello

Photo credit: Davide Cassanello

Viral video only looks at one measure of success: the number of video views… It doesn’t matter who is clicking and watching. As you probably know by now, at LKR we are not fans of numbers for numbers’ sake alone. When you are creating videos for your business, it’s very important to consider your audience – you don’t want just anyone to click and watch (although it can’t hurt to have more eyes on your content). You want to make sure that the right people are seeing your videos – people who are interested in you, your business, and what you are up to.

So, a more important goal for your videos than going viral is “going social” among your tribe.

What does it mean to go social?

Social videos are conversation starters – they are discussed and shared among your audience. They inspire, entertain, and/or inform. The end goal of social video is not a metric at all, it’s simply to further the relationships you’re developing with your core audience – which is not nearly as quantifiable as a goal of 1,000 views.

How do you know if your video has gone social?

Since the goal is not based on number of views, it’s a little more difficult to gauge the “success” of your videos; but it’s not impossible! There are some quantitative data points that will help substantiate your qualitative success. In laymans’ terms – there are two sets of numbers you should watch to find out how socially engaging your videos are.

Two metrics you can track for each video are:

  • the number of social shares
  • quantity of comments (track comments separately on YouTube, your Blog, Facebook, and mentions/retweets on Twitter)

Other analytics to help identify your success can be found in Google Analytics – watch your website’s traffic sources – are they coming from YouTube? Facebook? What links are they clicking to land on your site? When they watch a video on your site (inside a blog post), are they clicking to additional posts/pages? Are they opting into your email list?

Over time, your opt-ins and site traffic should increase from your video marketing efforts. If they aren’t – it’s a sign that your videos aren’t developing a meaningful relationship with your audience.

For more tips on how to make your videos “go social”, worksheets to plan your video marketing strategy and a soup-to-nuts training that will take you from Zero to Video, check out our latest course, just released in Social Media Marketer.

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