Why Building Your List is More Important Than Sales During Your First Launch

When you decide to launch your business with a new product, a service, or simply a new blog, you might start listing all the goals you want to achieve as a result of that launch.

I know that’s what we do at LKR.

We think about the metrics and numbers we want to hit in different areas of the business to let us know when we’ve had a successful launch.

  • Increase our leads and build our list
  • Improve Traffic
  • Sales
  • Increase our conversation rate
  • Improve our internal systems

Believe it or not – we even look at some of our promotional activities as NOT directly for increasing revenue for the business.

Your First Launch Goals

Image credit: Steven Depolo

Are you at that point now where you think – “I better launch something soon” ?

If so, be aware that this urge to launch may cause you to rush into creating a quick product, putting it up on your site, and then take out your megaphone and tell people about what they should buy from you.

But you’ll be missing some of the key steps to planning a successful launch.

I know you may be looking forward to the influx of sales that people who launch talk about – about the instant recognition and status… and you’ve set some pretty big sales goals.

You are pumped and ready to do this.

Reality check: Your first launch should focus on one thing and one thing alone.

…building your list.

If LKR can focus on list growth only during some of our “launches” – so can you!

I know you don’t want to hear this – but especially during your very first launch – I mean, that very first time you tell people who you are, offer a product or service of any kind or share a new blog – this time is about building a strong and responsive mailing list.

Sales and revenue are a welcome side effect, but your focus should stay firmly rooted in getting MORE eyes, more viewers, more subscribers.

Your long term business survival and success depends on this list building phase for 3 reasons

1.  Building your list is what’s going to “put you on the map”, “create fame”, all those things that go along with becoming the known leader in your industry.

2.  Building your list is what will support your business – give you a qualified list of people to offer “things” to. It’s a group of people signing up to hear from you and where you’ll draw from to create new products and services as you get to know them.

3.  Building your list is what gets you and your offerings in front of new people! The more people that subscribe to your mailing list means more eyes who click on your links, visit your blog posts, click buy on that sales page. Plus the more people you’ll have spreading the word for you the next launch you do.

Building Your List Through Social Media

LKR has built it’s business connecting with people on social media and enjoying getting to know people, customers, subscribers – nothing fake or fancy here.

We like meeting new people – all of us do – and we take the time to interact, answer questions, ask questions, find out what’s going on with the people who follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and become customers.

We’ve integrated the list building process with social media – making sure anyone can sign up for our newsletter via links or special pages on our Facebook page or from Twitter.
If you sign up for the Dash – we send you to a thank you page that reminds you to go like our FB page if you haven’t done so already.You may have noticed us doing a few key things to make sure social media keeps our list building efforts simple and effective:

We always link back to our site when new content goes live – from Twitter or FB.

We routinely ask questions and answer and comment back to people on all our main social media sites.

We post content that asks for participation by the reader.

We share what we’re doing as often as possible and all of our team members are active on social media.

But here’s the hitch – we’re not doing this totally on purpose.  We love doing it – so it does happen naturally.

Why Social Media List Building works for LKR

We are chatty.
We are inquisitive.
We like getting to know people.
We are friendly.
It’s natural for us to find good content and share it – even if it’s not ours.
We don’t try too hard.
We aren’t everywhere on social media – just where it works for us.
We have fun.

Bottom line: You will need to genuinely want to get to know your audience and customers.

Your To Do List:

1.  Get more details and a step by step walk through of how we continue to build our list using social media – you’re in luck – our latest course inSocial Media Marketer is the Social Media List Building course.
2. Find out how to set your launch goals the first launch and every launch by grabbing my free launch essentials toolkit.  You’ll learn how to set realistic goals for your launch and even get FREE tools to plan that first launch!

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