Are you frustrated with your efforts to drive traffic or generate leads at your website? You are not alone. For small businesses, every lead counts. If you have been spending time and money trying to make sales on your website but just don’t see the ROI, I can help you.

Having been in the online industry for some time, I have the experience and knowledge to find out what is wrong with your web marketing strategies. Most of my clients come to me and just don’t know what is wrong with their online strategy. When we get in touch and I start working with them, they get that familiar “Aha” moment when they realize what they have been doing wrong.

The worst mistake you can do for your business is to burn capital trying strategies that are not working or that worked way back in 2003. Online marketing is constantly evolving and to remain profitable, you need to be ahead with working strategies that Google loves.

Web Marketing is Changing

Over the past few years, web marketing strategies have significantly changed. In the past, you only needed to put up a crappy website and let consumers find you. However, today every business is on the internet and everyone has a website. You cannot afford to put up any sloppy website and expect to generate sales for your business.

Let’s be honest; competition is tough and you need to up your game.

You cannot ignore professionalism with online marketing. You need a functional website that looks professional, has great content and presents your brand in the right way. First impressions matter and when prospects land on your website, the picture they get will determine whether they will stay on the site or close the browser tab and search for another website.

Get the design right to capture the attention of your prospects.

Apart from design, you need content that resonates well with your prospects. If you are hoping to make sales with poor quality or flimsy content, you are in for a hard ride. The content should address the specific needs of your target audience. Remember, visitors search on Google for information to get to your website. You need to know what your prospects will be searching for and create content around the subject. This is where keyword research comes in.

Creating great content is good but not GREAT. How will customers find the content you have created?

Traffic and lead generation are the most difficult aspects of online marketing. First, it is tiring to promote content and next it is challenging to nurture leads. Without traffic, your website will be like a billboard with a great message but placed in an abandoned road. You need your prospects to see the content you are producing.

I can help you solve the challenge of traffic and lead generation. As a successful inbound marketer, I can help you identify your market, create a working content marketing strategy, drive traffic to your website, establish your brand on social media, generate qualified leads and nurture the leads already in your sales funnel.

When you outsource the hard tasks of traffic and lead generation to me, you will have more time to take care of other important aspects of your business. For example, you have customer support to think of; why should you be wasting time trying to promote your website on forums and social media? Don’t you have something more pressing to do for your business?

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