Want to grow your business? Stop lying to yourself.

You can’t write a guest blog post because your own website isn’t finished yet. You don’t want to send anyone to your blog because it’s only got a couple measly things published on it. You can’t even THINK about hiring some help because you don’t have a steady stream of clients yet. You’re just not ready for that yet.

Here’s what I have to say about being “ready” – it’s a big fat lie!

This “readiness” that you’ve created for yourself is a losing game with no end in sight. You’ll never be “ready” because it’s a label you yourself have invented.

The faster you can train yourself to get into action without being “ready,” the more success you’ll have in your business.

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“What does ‘getting into action’ mean?”

It means taking the big, scary steps that actually accelerate your business’s growth, instead of consuming everything you can get your hands on about running a business. Preparation and training are great, but they’re also an amazing way to procrastinate on the tasks that are terrifying but SO rewarding for your business.

Instead of hemming and hawing and professionally procrastinating, you need swallow your fear and some some real action. For example:

  • Pitching yourself to be interviewed on a blog that gets thousands of visits each day.

  • Crafting the copy on your website so that it’s talking to targeted group instead of everyone and their mother (in case they just-maybe-you-never-know-might end up buying from you).

  • Saying “no” to prospective customers who want something other than what you want to offer.

  • Submitting a proposal to give the keynote address at an event popular with your ideal customers

  • Sending out your first email marketing campaign to your list, regardless of its size.

  • Planning out your blog content for an entire year, and then writing it all.

  • Digging into Google Analytics to face the (maybe ugly) truth about where your visitors come from and what they do while they’re on your site.

  • Offering that new service that you’ve been putting off for no good reason at all.

You’re Overthinking This!

You imagine that everyone else has some secret sauce they you don’t have. You look at Neil Patel, for example, and his amazing blog. He’s got hundreds of comments on each post, and zillions of shares. (Yes, literally zillions). Your recent blog post, meanwhile, has a handful of likes, at least one of which is from your mom.

But Neil Patel has some secret formula, you say. He must. He’s got this great promoting technique and that’s what brings in so much traffic to his blog. If I had so much traffic, I’d have all those likes and tweets and whatnot. If I knew what Neil’s secret promotion trick was, my blog would be a massive hit, too.

Except there is no secret sauce. Sorry to burst your bubble!


Everyone started out at the bottom. Everyone started out at zero. Everyone had NEVER ONCE IN THEIR LIFE done that thing before . . . until the first time that they did it.

Neil has been blogging since 2006. That’s 7 years. And not just 7 years of blogging – lots of people have blogs older than Neil’s that haven’t reached kind of traffic numbers Neil’s average post sees. He’s been practicing and experimenting and actively improving on every aspect of his blog (because there’s a lot more that goes into blog traffic than you’d think). If you’d spent 7 years of your life actively focused on growing your blog’s traffic, you would have built up that kind of following too.

When did Neil say “OK yes, my blog is ready for the big leagues”? Probably never! Instead he simply worked hard at building something amazing over time, and continues to do so.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop allowing yourself to become intimidated by what you perceive to be someone else’s success. Just get out there and start moving and shaking like you’re already the successful person you’re hoping to one day become.

Guess what? As soon as you walk the walk, you’ve become that person.

This Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

People often say to me “but I don’t even have a list, I don’t even have a website. I’m just starting out.”


Well there was a time when I was just starting out too. I didn’t have always have a website! Until I did. Until I made a choice to create one, even though I had never, ever done it before.

It’s been five years since I started this business. Five years. What do you think it looked like in Month 2? Like the fully-formed 7-figure company it is today? Obviously not! But that didn’t stop me from planning that first webinar, even though I barely had a list.

I made my first $3,000 off that webinar.

Imagine if I had said, “But no one knows me. Why would anyone buy anything from me? I need a better website and a bigger list. I’m not ready yet.”

So stop asking yourself if you’re ready.

START asking yourself what’s the worst that can happen – and get out there and do it anyway.

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