Using Community and Connection to Grow Your Business

Let’s be honest, it can be a bit tough being a solopreneur. The very nature of that word means that you are alone and solo in this adventure. As a solopreneur many times you are working at home with no watercooler to talk to your coworkers around, no conference room to have giant company meetings and no cubicle to listen to your neighbor’s phone calls (come on, I couldn’t have been the only one…).

solopreneur-shells I know, I know most of us jumped feet first into this solopreneur business because we didn’t want that world where cubicles were our walls, the watercooler was our release and we had to sit in that long, boring, filled-with-nothing conference in the conference room. I get that. However, even though we’ve escaped (or are trying to escape) cubicle life, we humans, solopreneurs, small business owners – we crave connection with others.

The sooner we learn that a huge part of being a solopreneur is connecting with others to help us grow our businesses, the better off we will be. When we come out of our solopreneur shells, albeit via a guest post on a site, a partnership on a program or with peers in a community, we make connections that are far bigger than us alone.

Here are three ways to get out of your own solopreneur way so that you can connect, make deeper relationships, grow your ideas, business, challenge yourself and KEEP GOING.

1. Find your peers

As a solopreneur, I bet you take your fair share on online courses and I bet you read your share of blogs too. The sign of a really good program or a really good blog is one that comes with community.

Community should be what sells you on a program. You can learn nearly anything using Google, but community, the support and the long-lasting friendships of people that “get” you and what you are doing (this online mumbo jumbo), will take you further than you know.

When you find a community through an online program or blog, you are creating a support network. These are your peers so you are able to talk to them about challenges, burnout, and new ideas. You will be amazed at how finding a community of peers can help you shift things and take your business to the next level.

2. Create your own community


If you are building a business online you will want to create your own tribe or community. This is a community that you will guide, however it doesn’t mean you always have the answers. This community is the one where you build your know, like and trust factor through being you, being real and even being vulnerable.

I challenge you to be vulnerable with your own community. Ask them questions that you are wondering about in your own business. These are YOUR people. They are on board with you. Your community likes you and wants to see you succeed.

I’m betting that if you go to your community and ask questions about possible next steps for your business, they will jump to help you and you in turn will find out a TON about what to do next.

3. Find a mentor or better yet, a BBF (don’t worry, I explain what that is)

With the power of social media your friend pool is HUGE. Seriously, now as a solopreneur forging ahead online, you can have friends and partners worldwide.

After time in a program (see numero uno above) and creating a community of your own (ta-dah number two above) you will create relationships that will help you keep going as a solopreneur. You may even find your BBF (Best Business Friend – yes I made that up. Clever, huh?).

This person will understand when you are talking about things such as “unique traffic,” sales pages, shopping carts, mailchimp and all of the other online language that we online entrepreneurs speak.

Your BBF will understand when you are excited over a mention on the Huffington Post or that you landed a new coaching client. They will “get you” and they will help you grow your business. Find a BBF, asap.

Community and Connection = Growth

Finding community and reaching out for connection is such a huge piece to the solopreneur world. Don’t feel as if you are stuck behind a glass screen, instead join those programs or blogs where community is king, create your own community and soon you’ll find your BBF, all of which will help your business grow.

Sarah Burns is the owner of and founder of the soon-to-launch Tadah Learning Center {TLC} where small business owners go to find classes, community, mentorship and go from to-do to ta-done with their online business.

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