Use This Formula to Instantly Increase Cash Flow…Really!

Punch line first!  Here it is:

Declutter + Organize + Systematize = CASH MONEY

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Photo credit: Heath Ashli

This formula creates space, time, and a mind in your life for new opportunities, and for additional cash flow.  By implementing the steps in the formula, you tell the Universe that you are ready for MORE

  • more clients
  • more projects
  • more cash

I know it sounds a little “woo woo,” but hear me out.  I’ve seen the results in my life, and in the life of hundreds of clients!

Before I created the Clear Simple Marketing mini-pire (small empire), I was a professional organizer and productivity coach.  I swear there was magic in the works, but almost without fail, after working with a client — decluttering, organizing, and systematizing — they would tell me that new opportunities and cash money would show up!!  These were opportunities and cash that they thought they lost or weren’t expecting.

Oprah’s professional organizer, Peter Walsh, talks about this same phenomenon in one of his books, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat. Walsh testifies to the phenomenon that — after decluttering, organizing, and systematizing — people lose weight and earn more money.

Still skeptical?  Too “woo woo?”

I get it. How can this simple of a formula increase cash flow instantly?  There’s no such thing as MAGIC!?!?

True. But there are non-woo-woo reasons — based in REALITY of time, space, and mind — this formula works!

small home office ideas

Photo Credit: Heath Ashli

The Formula frees up time:  You spend time on minutia, and on searching for things. The Formula gives you more time to focus on REVENUE-GENERATING activities.

The Formula frees you up in space:  Whether you sell product or service, you operate in a body in space. (Sorry. No magic.) Systems keep things in place and allow you to navigate your body with accuracy. Systems keep your product looking good and available to hand over on a moment’s notice.  Accurate, reliable delivery of your service or product leads to more referrals and to more business from current customers and clients.

The Formula frees up your mind:  Decluttering, organizing, and systematizing gives you peace of mind.  The peace of mind that you can deliver the goods!  Faster than your competitors. Better than your competitors.  More efficiently than your competitors. In return, peace of mind will leave you with more energy!  You know how drained you feel after being frustrated, frazzled, and stressed? It’s hard to operate well when you’re zapped of energy.  The Formula keeps you in the FLOW: responsive, reliable, relaxed. From that state, all your new BRILLIANT ideas flow effortlessly into existence!!

It’s a beautiful thing. I want that for you! xoxo

Little Miss Laura Roeder is the queen of organizing and systematizing in every area of her business. I assert that her use of The Formula is one the big factors (among others) in her success.

Here are some quick tips for decluttering, organizing, and systematizing.



  • Sell or giveaway the books you’re not really going to read, or read again.  Even if you think you might read that book again, you can check it out from the library.  If your local library doesn’t have a particular book, they will usually order it if you ask.
  • Throw away outdated business cards and promo materials!  You’re not going to call that cool gal you met 3 years ago at a conference! If you are, DO IT NOW! Put her in your electronic phone book and THEN throw away her business card!!
  • Get clear on exactly which papers you need to keep, how long you need to keep them, and which ones you can shred NOW by downloading this free special report.
  • Eliminate paper receipts with one of my FAVORITE apps Expensify.
  • Eliminate sticky notes, scratch paper, and all of your half-filled notebooks by using Evernote.  Evernote allows you to curate ideas and manage projects without any clutter!



  • Organize your papers. Get your paper and files into an efficient filing system. Or better yet, get thee to the cloud!
  • Organize your electronics. Organize your mess of cables and cords with these cool cable cord organizers.
  • Organize your desk. Pick up plastic silverware trays at the dollar store, and put them in your desk drawers.  Egg cartons work well too (as shown here).  I prefer the plastic silverware trays or drawer organizers because you can take them out and toss them in the dishwasher every couple of months.  You could label each compartment so that you can easily put everything back where it belongs. 
    Home Office Drawer Organizer

    Photo Credit: Heath Ashli

  • Organize your reading material.  Designate a tray, basket, or folder for all of your “to read” materials.  Set a rule: when it’s full, you have to toss something before you can add to it. Collecting is easy! The key is to be picky about what you keep and what you toss. Otherwise you will drown in hundreds of materials you’ll never actually get around to reading.
  • Assign dates for discarding.  Mark your files or bankers boxes with dates when the contents can be shredded.
  • Create a “waiting for response” folder.  If you’re waiting for someone else to take action, put a reminder (applications, contracts, requests) in the folder. Set a reminder in your calendar to check the folder every few days. Follow up if you haven’t heard back.



Systematizing frees you up to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of getting bogged down by minutia and inefficient processes. You will work less and earn more!  The most successful business owners (by my definition) are NOT working 80 hours/week and are still making bank! They have an efficient system for doing nearly everything.

Here are some core systems you need to have in place soon:

  • Email processing. If you would like to know my system for getting my email inbox to zero almost every day, watch this free on-demand workshop.
  • Client management.  If you see clients, create a systematic process for setting them up, getting them started, working with them, and completing your services.
  • Login/password management.  My favorite tool is 1Password.
  • Contacts and business card management.
  • Project management and goal tracking.
  • Staffing.
  • Creating and managing shopping lists.  My favorite tool is Toodledo.

If you want an exclusive inside look into my businesses and my life, I’ll show you the exact systems and tools I use.  Check out my brand new program — Systematize Your Life + Business.

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