Twelve Twitter Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

Plants that tweet when they need more water, houses that tweet when there’s there’s an intruder, an app that measures whether you’re depressed. These are all among the 1 million+ Twitter applications available today.

With a new Twitter application registered every second, you may wonder if you’re using Twitter to the best of your advantage. The following are 12 Twitter Tools you’ve probably never heard of. Expansion of your Twitterverse starts…NOW!

1. Portwiture – This Pinterest of Twitter takes your latest Tweets and translates them into pictures from around the globe. This fun Twitter app may seem useless on the surface, but because it analyzes your most frequently used words it can create a visual litmus test allowing you to see how others view your Twitter stream. Is it militant? Happy? Maybe even risqué? Portwiture serves as a picture barometer of your business’s Twitter mood.

2. – A data analyst’s dream feature, this Twitter app allows you search any Twitter handle and get a passel of key statistics from their trending themes, frequently used hashtags, get a beat on a Tweeter’s attitude, their timeline when they Tweet and where. Great for analyzing competitors, influencers, frequent community engagers and even yourself.

3. Gremln – Formerly Twaitter, Gremln will actually not only manage your Twitter account, but all of your social networks. Create panels in your dashboard to monitor all your accounts, schedule when posts go live, translate messages to hit customers around the world and you don’t have to do it alone. Gremln allows you to share the responsibility with other Gremln users.

4. Buffer and Tweriod – Analyzing data from Tweriod allows you know when you’re tweets actually get read offering you suggestions on when you should Tweet to fit in with the schedules of your followers. Buffer is great if you have problems with time zones. This cool app allows you to schedule Tweets throughout the day so you can get your audience in Paris, France and Paris, Iowa.

5. Followerwonk – This tool is one of the best at finding people to follow based on their Twitter bios. Track, analyze and sort followers based on all sorts of factors. Compare users to see how you stack up against your competition. It also measures a person’s influence on Twitter so you can find out who to suck up to when you’re looking for an extra retweet or two.

Twitter Logo Map by The Next Web

6. Twitt(url)y – This tracks and ranks a web address that has been shared on Twitter by popularity. Check how your newest blog post ranks up, how many times your pages are shared and analyze what’s trending with other popular posts. Twitt(url)y is currently down for redesign, but that usually means new, better features which is only a plus for this terrific tool.

7. Social Oomph – So you’ve probably heard of Social Oomph but it’s worth a mention here. This may seem like a lower-end social network manager as it doesn’t have the smooth graphics and design of HootSuite or MarketMe Suite and its affiliate program makes some folks think spamanator, but this free tool provides some great features including scheduling, automatic follow features (not recommended for business users), link-tracking feature and automatic DM feature.

8. Twylah – The request for an invite prominent on Twylah’s website shows you automatically that it’s a cut above the rest. This graphics-heavy Twitter tool translates your Tweets into beautifully designed “experiences,” read “website.” A great way to showcase a brand, new product or content that is usually flattened by all those short Bitly links.

9. ManageFlitter – Managing your Twitter account can get to be a full-time job, above and beyond creating content, post it and analyzing it. So clear out the clutter with this handy, snarky app tool. See who is following you and who’s not. Cut the dead weight or poke for some follow love. See who is active and who isn’t.

Pro Tip: Great for finding your most prolific tweeters and engagers of your brand while not wasting your energy on people who are light users.

10. Twilert – Automate your brand search with this handy tool. Like Google alert this tool searches Twitter for hashtags, or Twitter handles, RT, locations, keywords and even by – I kid you not – emotion.

11. GroupTweet – Its not your Twitter account, its ours! Multiple contributors can tweet through a single account with GroupTweet. Perfect for a large organization or business who all want to tweet about live events, public discussions, sports, announcements. Have multiple people a day signing in and out of Twitter? No longer with GroupTweet!

12. Chirpstory – another entry into the Tweet chat world this application allows you to create stories from your Tweets ala Storify. You can drag and drop Tweets, add media, decorate the Tweets and, of course, share it with friends. You can also embed this Chirpstory which is great for pros who want to spruce up your web or blog content.

What are some of your favorite Twitter tools and why?

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