Time To Rethink Your Twitter Profile: 5 Winning Must-Haves For That Personal Touch

At some point we all have to choose a Twitter @name and for most of us it’s a frustrating back and forth finding one that fits. Ugh.

It comes to new users and veterans alike when they decide it’s time for a change. (Unless you’re among the lucky few who can grab their real name without a second thought).

It’s one of the small but important details we can get all twisted over, like taglines, product names and professional titles.

Don’t get me wrong, these details are important but not enough to hold you back.

I spent way too long deliberating over my own Twitter name, and I’ve seen lots of smart entrepreneurs go through the same.

When my time came the second time around my options were massively limited because all the names I wanted were taken.

Has it hindered my success? Has it stopped prospects finding me? Has it affected my business in anyway?


Still, I would pay good money to get the Twitter name I want and if I’d chosen wisely the first time around, I’d probably have it.

My BIG mistake…

I was just starting my first business as a VA when I joined Twitter in 2009. Getting my brand ‘out there’ was priority number one.

Without hesitation I created the @name AbsolutePA. It made perfect sense as that was the name of my business at the time. Easy!

What I didn’t know back then was that over time my business would develop and move on. My interests would change and I’d want to take a new direction…

After a while, I began to feel restricted by the Twitter name I had chosen. I couldn’t tweet about my other interests – professional and personal – because it wasn’t ‘on message’ with the AbsolutePA brand I’d created. I felt stunted, unable to communicate in a way that felt natural. To me, at least, I became boring and one dimensional.

Not long after that, my business changed completely and AbsolutePA no longer existed.

Eek! What Do I Do With My Twitter Name?

I had learnt by now that Twitter is the most sociable of the social networks – a continuous cocktail party-come-networking event where people meet online to share and learn with other likeminds.

I had learnt that, just like having a photo of yourself for your profile picture, using your real name helps others identify with you, breaking down trust barriers quicker, and reminds people that there’s another real life person behind the Twitter account.

And I realised that whatever direction my business takes or future ventures I’m involved in I won’t be limited by my Twitter name. It will scale with me and my business. Even into retirement!

That’s when I changed my Twitter name to @AbsoluteAlicia. It wasn’t my first choice, second, third or even fourth, but it fits.

Small Tweaks Can Achieve Massive Results

Follow these five tips for adding a personal touch to your Twitter profile and see how it changes your interactions on Twitter.

  1. Gone are the days of cryptic handles. These are more at home attached to your free aol.com account registered in the 90s. You want to think simple, memorable and real.
  2. Ideally include your first name, initials or surname. Remember, Twitter is about building connections with others. Don’t limit yourself to keeping on brand by using your business name as your @name. Save that for your customer service profile.
  3. At the very least, include your full name as the account holder – this will show alongside your @name with your tweets.
  4. Use a photo of you as your profile picture. Don’t hide behind a logo or other image – we want to see who we’re tweeting with!
  5. And last but not least get a pumped up bio: Better Your Twitter Bio With 160 Characters

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