The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Newsletter Part Two: Get Crackin’ On Your Content

The second biggest block people often have about sending out email newsletters is the stress of trying to come up with what to write about at the last minute. Sound familiar? We thought it might…

But, here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems! In fact, if you are writing regular blog posts (and you are, aren’t you?) you can simply send your blog posts out as your newsletter. They can be one and the same! You can either send the entire post, or send a few excerpts and link back to your website where people can read the entire article.

So, planning out your newsletter content is now lumped together with planning for your blog posts. Are you still sitting down the night before (or morning of) and wracking your brain trying to come up with a juicy topic? Well, after reading this, you won’t have to do that anymore!

We strongly recommend that you block out your content a month at a time – so that you have monthly theme to write about. You can also look at what programs, services, or products you are planning to launch, and build your content around that for the month leading up to and during your launch.

Other than products and services, another great way to brainstorm blog content is to write down the most frequently asked questions from your audience. Are there recurring themes? for example, Do you always get questions about how you setup your amazing customer service process? Then, dedicate one month to write about exactly what you did – how you hired your team, what systems you use, etc.

Inside of Social Media Marketer, we have downloads to help you figure out your blog topics and come up with an entire year’s worth of content in one brainstorm session. In fact, we just released an entire program dedicated just to helping you build your content marketing plan, of which your email newsletter is a big part. Already a member? Come on in to SMM and check it out!

Once you have your newsletter/blog content planned, it’s time to add it to your calendar. We use Google calendar at LKR to give us an overall snapshot of our marketing activities, and then we schedule our blog post topics according to what program we are releasing or what our focus is in that particular month.

Once the post/newsletter topic is in the calendar, it’s set! Then, we simply sit down ahead of time, write the post, an excerpt or quick tip for The Dash, and schedule it to be published/sent on the appropriate day. With a little advance planning, you’ll never have to stress again about what to write for your newsletter or your blog!

For more tips on writing your blog post, check out our article “From ‘Oh No’ to ‘Ah Ha’: 3 Simple Steps to Write a Blog Post From Scratch”

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