The Most Powerful Page on Your Website & How to Supercharge It

Not all web pages are created equal. It might not be fair, but some pages on your site just get more attention than others.

This is actually very good news for you (the smart entrepreneur doing her research), because once you know what your visitors are paying attention to, you can use it to grow your business – big time.

Almost every website on the internet has an ‘About Us’ page. But here’s the kicker: most about pages are severely underappreciated and poorly executed. What gives? Maybe with commonplace comes complacency. But whatever the cause, it’s time to give about pages a second look – and a serious overhaul.

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Why Your About Page Is So Important

Almost everyone who visits your site and has any interest in your business will visit your about page. According to this article on, the about page is visited within 3 to 4 clicks of someone landing on your website.

This is a big deal, because it means that the about page is one of your most reliable opportunities to influence your prospects.

Your about page is also a prime opportunity to showcase everything that makes your business unique, noteworthy, and all-around fantastic. This is your chance to tell your story, and make a compelling case as to why you are the best fit to serve your prospect’s needs.

It’s your secret weapon. Use it to its full potential and people (aka, future fans and customers) will take notice.

3 Traits that Keep Your About Page from Reaching Its Potential

Fact: most people waste their about page.

Sticking up a boilerplate bio and a nice picture isn’t going to help you stand out in a totally saturated online marketplace. You need to go beyond the basics to turn your about page into a powerful business tool. Here are 3 traits that keep about pages from reaching their true potential:

  • There’s a lot about you, and not much about them. Your about page isn’t actually about you. It’s about your prospect. Tell your visitors what makes you unique and qualified, and then show them how that relates to THEIR life and how it’s going to solve THEIR problems.

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  • Leaving visitors asking “what makes you different?” You need to tell your visitors how you stand apart from your competitors. And you need to tell them now.
  • Using a stuffy, computer-robot tone. You probably shouldn’t be using the third person to write your about page. Use a conversational tone. Act like you’re talking to a prospect.

Supercharging Your About Page

Ready to take your about page to even greater heights? Don’t stop at catchy copy and outstanding personality, use your about page to fuel your business. Choose one of these strategies to supercharge your about page.

  • Grow your list. If you haven’t been thinking of your about page as a landing page, now’s the time to start. Feature an opt-in for your email list, and give visitors an irresistible reason to sign up.

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  • Highlight your latest or greatest product/service. Include some conversation about your newest or your best product/service and invite people to check it out. You about page is the perfect opportunity to give people the backstory about a product/service and let them in on why it’s so perfect for them.
  • Promote an event or freebie. Do you have an awesome webinar coming up? Are you launching a new series on your blog? Weave updates about the cool events you’re putting on into your about page. Or, if you’re not into events, tell people about a free download or consultation (or your version of a freebie) that they can grab right away. You’ll probably get their email address in exchange for whatever you’re giving away, making this a two-for-one strategy.

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