The LKR Chronicles: How to leave a job you love for the life you want

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to work with one of the top entrepreneurs online?

Someone who you respected, trusted, looked to for innovative ideas…

Someone who encouraged you to build your following…

Someone who became a close friend over time..

Someone who introduced you to many of the influencers in business…

Say you’re learning a lot, building a business from 6 to 7 figures…

Say you put together an amazing team that worked well together, was always willing to put in extra time/energy…. people who took ownership…

Say people started to associate you with that person – they began to get to know you too.

Got that image in your head? It sounds nice. But there’s one more piece of the equation.

Imagine you wanted to be the visionary, driver, creator of your own business. Imagine you want to be the one leading, delegating, taking off for family time whenever you wanted. Would you be happy to continue spending most of your energy on the other person’s business and day-to-day operations? Could you drop your dreams and be completely satisfied with that one role?

I mean seriously – even if you totally loved it – would you be okay being the Top Elf but never Santa Claus?



Would it be good for you? Would it be good for that company?

Welcome to a little corner of my world.

Why I Love LKR

There’s so much at LKR that is part of me – that fills me – that truly enriches my life.

The team is amazing. I’ve helped find each person and saw them join the team, become one with our dorky ways – and excel just like we knew that would!


The products are amazing. Creating Fame is probably one of my all time favorite programs ever.

The flexibility is pretty nice too! Heck, I started working with Laura when Mila just turned 2! My role and availability shifted throughout the whole time, and it worked at every stage.

Laura is also a pretty unique boss who puts all the ownership in your hands. She knows when she’s being a bottleneck. She says “your call” more times than I want sometimes, but in the end it gives every single person a sense of ownership.

Working on Team LKR – you’d be hard pressed to find a better group of people to share your days and nights with. No joke. You almost welcome the random emails and gchats at 9pm at night (Staceyyy go to bed already!!!).

But…it didn’t change the fact that I constantly pushed to the back of my mind: I wanted to focus on my own business. I wanted to build my own business.

The Catalyst

There’s always something that breaks the camel’s back. And in addition to feeling like I had a broken back for a month in 2012, I also saw the possibility after running 2 successful launches.

Fearless Launching was my first solo launch in 2012. After launching it successfully twice during the year, building my list to a respectable number, I started to see where things could go.

I got speaking requests, starting doing one on one coaching and consulting. All this without a lot of pushing on my part.

I started to see that if I could have just a few more hours in the day – I could really see if it would work.

But…that didn’t happen. There was no extra time. There’s never extra time!

Something had clicked, yet I avoided making the decision like the plague.

Hints were glorious and blinding along the way:

  • Too many hours spent working, split between too many businesses, people, and time zones. I ended up sick several times in a short period in 2012.
  • I spent most of my waking hours in front of the computer.
  • I woke up each morning while on vacation in December to call into 8am calls with the team. You can imagine how happy my family was about that.
  • And finally, I started complaining about it all the time – to anyone who would listen. This was good for NO ONE. Not good for the team LKR I loved. Not good for myself. Not good for the people I was complaining to.

I needed to make a shift.

Enter The Mind Reader

So it’s January – and I’m on a regular Google Hangout with Laura.

“I just have this feeling you don’t want to admit that you want to focus on your own business full time.”


The wind went out of me. I couldn’t even speak. Why? Well, because it was true.

A few weeks later, I decided it was time to tell Laura. To tell her that she had been right all along.

Of course, as you can imagine, Laura was not surprised. I actually think she was jumping-out-of-her-skin excited for me. She knew it was time for me to fly, and thank goodness she didn’t have to push me off to the ledge to make it happen!

I Can See Clearly Now

The process I went through felt pretty confusing and rough when I was in the thick of it, but now it seems pretty clear that everything happened as it was supposed to.

Since breaking it down is what I do …

Here’s how to leave a job you LOVE:

  • Decide what you want – got it
  • Don’t lose sight of that THING – got it
  • Get support in place around you – done
  • Do a few test flights – Fearless Launching 1, 2, and NOW 3
  • Give a long notice – done (ETA June!)
  • Help with the transition – doing it

And the final step to leaving a job you love for a life that you long for – leave the space better than when you found it. I’m working on it and will give you the update in my next chapter.

Hurrah! Dorks Rule! (sorry, inside joke)

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