The Hidden Key to Success: A 3-Step Process for the Solopreneur

Countless hours spent on social media marketing, training and business development will yield minimal results, unless you possess this crucial ingredient.

Are you energetically aligned with success?

Yes, we are discussing vibes, the energy you and your business send out to others. This isn’t woo-woo, New Age banter, but a critical keystone of success. Think of your business goals, the amount of income or clients you want to attract, the prices you charge for your services or product, your marketing plan, and your branding. If you taste uneasiness, if fear tightens your stomach, if you feel like an imposter, you will be transmitting that message to your clients and customers, and they won’t feel as compelled to buy from you. According to Dr. Alex Lloyd, a “dirty secret” in the personal development industry is that only 3% yield phenomenal results. Why? Because our subconscious beliefs are powerful determinants of what we ultimately create in both business and life.

In her social media course, Creating Fame, Laura Roeder teaches that you have to believe you are the go-to expert to develop an online presence. Success starts with a belief. If, despite your very best efforts and robust marketing plan, you are still not achieving the results you desire, follow this simple process to align yourself with the energy of success:

3 Steps to Success

1) Write down a visioning statement of what you want to create in your business. A visioning statement could include the same intentions as your business goals. The difference is that a visioning statement is written in the present tense, as if you are experiencing that intention right now. You include the details and emotions of what it would be like to realize that dream. The statement can be one paragraph to several pages.

For example, you wouldn’t write: I will build a list of 1000 subscribers by December 2012. That intention puts your dream in the future. Instead, a visioning sentence might look like this: I am thrilled to open my Aweber account and see 10,000 engaged subscribers to my list. It is so humbling and gratifying to share my message with my community, read their comments and shares on social media, and learn about how I have helped them transform their lives in some way. In fact, if you want to imagine what fame would feel like, pretend, for a few moments, that you are a leader whom you follow and admire. That is why is is so important to feel excited when you notice others creating success. You are plugging into that energy.

2) Read your visioning statement every day and every night, until it becomes part of you. Note, however, that simply wishing for success is futile, unless one shows persistence and takes inspired action.

3) Imagine your dream of success every night before you fall asleep. As children, we spent hours using our imagination. But as adults, we neglect the power of our creative faculties. Every creation begins with a thought. When we devote a few minutes every day to employ our brains in the process of creation, we tap into the power of our subconscious mind.

Follow these tips, and you will position yourself energetically with success.

Here is an example of a visioning statement:

I am thrilled to enjoy a global thriving private practice, booked solid at 10 clients a week and 6 weeks in advance. I am grateful to use my intuitive gifts to help my ideal clients radically transform their lives. It is delightful to work with my ideal clients who value energy work and reap amazing benefits after working together. I am grateful to attract a supportive synergistic team who are on the same wavelength, who help me rock my business by sharing their unique gifts. I am glad for the abundant resources generated from my business that I can compensate them generously. I attract business partners who are fun-loving, kindred spirits who stand in integrity, and we help explode our businesses together.

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