The Facebook Divide: How to Untangle Your Business From Your Personal Life Once And For All

There’s a huge divide between those who are using Facebook casually and those who are leveraging Facebook as a serious business-growing tool. But many entrepreneurs seem to fall right through the middle – you’re trying to use Facebook like a pro but the “line” between your business and personal life on Facebook is still messy.

This free workshop is for you if you want to stop wasting your time on Facebook and start seeing results – a loyal, engaged community of buyers who love your business.

In this free, live, hour-long online workshop you’ll discover:

  • The “Facebook Divide” and how it affects your bottom line (if you’ve been using Facebook without results this will be a big wake-up call for you)
  • How to get likes from targeted customers instead of your family and friends
  • The major change that you can make right away to go from “amateur” to “professional” on Facebook
  • How to completely separate your business life from your personal life on Facebook – and see massive results because of it

You’ll also get an insider tour of our brand new program, Social Media Marketer. AND a chance to ask your Facebook questions to our founder Laura Roeder (but only if you’re on live!)

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