Stay Healthy While Pursuing Your Dream!


glass-water Got a dream?  Working hard to further your education while maintaining a full or part time job, raising a family and living your life is not easy.  It is such hard work that it is simple to let your health slip to the end of your list of priorities.  Somehow eating healthy and exercising seems like one more thing you HAVE to do.  Heck, who has time to eat anything, let alone a healthy meal?
Don’t let being busy be an excuse to let your health suffer.  You will end up sick, overwhelmed and unable to enjoy the dream life you are striving towards.   How can you help yourself?  Here are a few simple tips to keep you healthy!

  1. Start the day off right.  Before you jump into your crazy schedule, take a few moments to enjoy a healthy breakfast (it can be quick, think smoothie, oatmeal with fruit or veggie omelet) and drink a BIG glass of water.  Try to get up early enough to squeeze in even just 15 minutes of yoga or a 20 minute walk.  You will start your day off with a clear head and a fresh attitude.
  1. If exercise is a challenge for you, pay for a class.  It’s tempting to keep your head down and work hard all day – especially if you love and are excited about what you are doing, or even just feel pressure to pay the bills.  My advice, pay for an exercise class.  There is something about having shelled out your hard earned money that encourages participation – you don’t want to waste it do you?  Find a class that you enjoy and pay for a few months up front.  The accountability and the regularly scheduled time will ensure you attend!  If this isn’t an option for you, make a standing exercise appointment with a friend.  You will still get the accountability at no cost!
  1. Switch it up.  Work variety into your routine.  Try a new fitness class or healthy recipe every few weeks to keep things fresh.  New experiences will keep you feeling alive and just might give you a new idea or outlook!
  1. Plan your menu.  This tip is especially critical during those super busy weeks.  What a relief to know what you are eating and to have all the ingredients on hand.  If you know you have a lot going on make sure your menu includes some simple healthy dishes.  Planning ahead allows you to create a grocery list and just hit the store once – this will save you time AND money.
  1. Don’t resort to “quick fixes”.   You might get a shot of energy from a cup of coffee or a sweet treat, but soon you will experience that inevitable crash.  What a sure fire way to kill your productivity and make you reach for yet another “quick fix.”  This vicious cycle will pull you down quickly.  Look for alternatives and be PREPARED with them.  A walk, a few yoga poses or a call with a good friend can bring your motivation and excitement back to the forefront!  If you are really hungry, an apple or banana can be managed on the go and may help squelch that sweet tooth.

Building a new life is exhilarating but hard work.  Don’t make that your excuse for being unhealthy.  Instead, commit to creating a healthy lifestyle that will support your future success!

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Get ready to make 2013 a healthy and rewarding year!

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