SEO: Put a Pin on It

How can I use Pinterest to increase my SEO? I thought links from Pinned images are no-follow links?

While it is true that links from the pinned image itself are “no-follow” links – meaning that they aren’t indexed by search engines, there are ways to boost your search engine rankings using Pinterest!

Here are a few sneaky tricks to help you get higher search engine results.

1) First things first: What keywords are people using to get to your website? It’s important to know this right off the bat, so that you can build these keywords into the descriptions of the images and items you are pinning to your Pinterest boards. If you haven’t already, install google analytics on your site and start tracking which search keywords and terms people are using to find your site!

2) Now, it’s time to use those keywords strategically, and place them in the image description field – you have 500 characters to describe your pin – so use them wisely! If you don’t yet have keyword data on your site, think like a search engine: What are people likely to be searching for when they are looking for what you offer?

3) Add your website link in the image description field, not just as a link on the image itself – when people click through the link in the description, it generates clicks for your site, which helps your search rankings.

4) Be specific when you name your Pinterest boards. For example, don’t just name the board “inspiration,” name it “Inspiring Rumi Quotes.” The more specific you name your boards, the more likely people will find what they are looking for in your pins, click through your links, and add to your rankings!

5) Name your image files using keywords. Many photo or image files are named something like “image.jpg” or “Photo1.jpg.” As you might guess, this is not super helpful for SEO. Instead, name images using descriptive keywords, like “WomenEntrepreneurEventSanDiego.jpg”.

6) Link up your other Social Media accounts with Pinterest to share your pins with a wider audience. The more clicks you get, the higher your rankings will go! Pinterest makes it easy to connect with both your Facebook personal profile and your Twitter account.

For more tips on using Pinterest for SEO, check out this post here.

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