Searching For Your Ideal Customers? Ask Yourself These 2 Questions

It happens to everyone at some point in the course of their business. The questions creep in, and then plague you, Lady Macbeth-style. “Where are my ideal customers?” “Why isn’t anyone buying from me?” “What do they want???”

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You stay up at night trying to figure it all out!

Here’s the truth: there are only a few different ways for people to people become your customers:

  1. They find you. Might be through word-of-mouth of an actual customer or an interested lead, a Google search, or aimless Twitter browsing. It can happen, and it’s something to strive for, but it’s really important not to rely on this method of gaining customers unless you thrive on rolling the dice when it comes to your monthly earnings.
  2. You target a specific group of people and it’s the right group – and they buy! Your very-specific content gets consumed by the right audience, your email marketing reaches the right inboxes, and/or your paid advertising is super attractive to the people who didn’t even know they needed you until they found you.
  3. You target a specific audience, find out it’s the wrong audience, but it clarifies who the right group is…and some of those wrong group are actually still right.

So what’s the best, most non-torturous method?

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Really focus your attention on a VERY specific group of people and make sure your marketing, content, and offerings speak to those people.

Here are the questions to ask yourself (the healthy, non-plaguing-you-at-night kind):

  1. Who is my product for? Don’t be afraid to get specific; the more you can fine-tune your targeting, the better your marketing is going to get.
  2. Does this copy/content/page/newsletter/tweet speak to the kind of person I’m trying to reach? Put yourself in their shoes and every piece of copy or content will be clearer on how your product or service can solve a problem for them. Check out this 1-min video on how I get into the correct writing mindset for just about everything I write.

If you focus on those questions and build your marketing strategy around them, you’ll find the right audience to target for your business. Beyond that, more and more people who actually need to become customers will find you through more word-of-mouth, more Google searches, and more social media browsing. See how that nice cycle works?

Go get some sleep – as soon as you find your ideal customers, there won’t be enough hours in the day to serve them!

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