Personal Freedom in 2013? 10 Steps to get you there.


What will it take to make 2013 the year you FINALLY create the life and business you desire?

Have the old methods lost their shine? (the to-do list, the daily planner, the New Years resolutions, the self-recrimination…)

I know for me, that when I get inspired and feel that inner drive to make big shifts, I really go for it. However, I do need to set myself up for success right up front. It’s not just the desire to change, or the new wall calendar and a list of resolutions. For me it’s much deeper.

Want to try something a little more creative and soul*full?

Here are 10 Steps to making your year truly shine:

  1. Review the past year and write out what went right and what didn’t work so well. This includes the thoughts you believed that were limiting. The “ I’m not smart enough “ The time you compared your insides to other people’s outsides. The opportunity you let pass you by because fear got a hold of you and you didn’t love yourself enough to just try it anyway. All of that internal dialogue that no longer works for you. But don’t forget all the stuff that went well. The “ I put myself out there and met people I really wanted to meet. “, “ I gave myself permission to get really authentic and courageous and write that vulnerable blog post.” “ I asked someone I admire if I could interview them “ etc.
  2. Once you’ve written this list, do a little fire ceremony. I know it sounds woo woo but it’s a tangible way to let go of 2012 and start fresh in 2013. Plus – the added bonus of doing a fire ceremony is that the words then turn to ash and smoke. You’ve essentially transformed them. They’ve moved on to become something you cannot use anymore. It’s a clean slate. ( Please do this fire ceremony in a very safe place away from children )
  3. Get very clear on the ways you want your life to feel. This means getting in touch not just with your outside goals, but also your internal state of being. So for me, I want to feel love and I want to express love and be connected to my family, clients, mentors from a place of inner peace, connection and love.
  4. Find ways to bring more of what you want in on a daily basis. For me that means having a sacred space that I’ve created next to my desk where I light candles, sit an meditate, remember what is important to me when I start the knee jerk reaction toward fear. It reminds me that the universe is with me. I’m not in this alone. I don’t have to push or fight my way toward my goals. It’s a partnership.
  5. When you lose track and find yourself back to where you started, pick up your camera ( yes, your point and shoot or iphone will work ) and go on a photo walk. GO slow. Use this time as a meditation of sorts to really connect with what you are viewing through the camera. This is a great way to move from your mind back to your heart and the present moment. The shift in perception clears the way to get back to your best year ever. Spinning out brings just one thing. More spinning out. Break the habit by taking these photo walks. Just right out your front door will do.
  6. Connect with other like-minded people who mirror back to you all that you are. It can be a competitive world out there. Detach and remember who you really are. I personally need community to remind me. I created my Soul*Full eCourse to provide a similar space for women who need to give themselves permission to find ease and flow, creativity and deeper engagement in their lives.
  7. Embrace your greatness. What does this mean? It means honoring the talents and gifts you were born with. The things that come naturally to you. It’s so easy for us to discount our strengths. When someone compliments you, how often do you say “thank you” and really own it as true? What if you started practicing saying “thank you” every time you were given a compliment. And then writing it down so you had evidence of your greatness when you feel small and forget your unique gifts.
  8. Express love outward. Write a handwritten love letter to someone who helped you out. To a friend you haven’t seen in a while. To the teacher who shared how to use hootsuite and it was life changing. To your virtual assistant. Not just during the holidays. How about sending a love letter every day for the entire year. Can you imagine it? Make it SUPER easy. Buy inexpensive postcards and have them sitting at your desk. When someone moves you – whip out that postcard, say thank you, put a stamp on it and stick it in the mailbox. Done. Love share. The world is brighter.
  9. Schedule in power lounging, napping, down time, vacations, and pampering. Not kidding. If you don’t schedule it does it happen? This is a very mini version of what a Toltec teacher taught me long ago called Puja. It’s an Indian term that refers to the offering you give to the gods. A bowl of fruit, rice, coins, all given to honor the gods. But this time – we turn it around and offer these things to the god that lives within us. Ok so I’m getting woo woo. But you can’t tell me that treating yourself with honor and respect won’t bring your life to another level of happiness and more wholeness. When you flip it around and honor yourself with rest, pampering, healing food, etc…The more you will be able to give to others, to your business, to your family and to your life.
  10. Daily photo ritual. Here I go again with that photo stuff. Humor me. Pick one thing that happens every day in your life and start a photo ritual. Your morning coffee. The walk with your dog. Your bowl of cereal before you run off to the office. Going to the mailbox to pick up the mail. Take a photo of that one event every day for a month. Then keep going! Don’t worry if you forget to do it once in a while. No grades on this. This is for you. It helps you to notice the life that is happening right now. It helps bring you back to the extraordinary. When you forget how much abundance there is all around you…this does the trick. How do I know this?

Watch this video.

The Nap Series:

What I know for sure is when you follow some simple steps you CAN bring more into your life than a run on – never completed to-do list.

You CAN shift your perception from the list of resolutions that never make it past January.

You can experience a fuller more soul*full life. Pick a few of these or try them all.

Personal freedom happens when you regain your choice in the matter.

When you are running on the old limiting beliefs and fears that keep you “safe” it’s really keeping you from living. That’s not freedom. I wish more for you and I believe these steps can help.

It’s time for you to embrace your greatness.

You deserve it and we deserve to learn from the wisdom you have to share.

I’d love to see you have your best year yet. I’ll be right there with you.

It’s progress rather than perfection.  It’s a practice. Instead of setting goals, shift your attention.

I wish for you an amazing year filled with more of what you want, both inside and out.

Join us. The Soul*Full eCourse starts Jan 7th.

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