How To Turn Mistakes Into Moolah With Domains

Did you know that you can leverage misspellings as an important part of your web strategy?

Yup, you are finally going to get to make use of your embarrassing spelling mistakes!

The funny thing about the web is that if you type in a URL you have to get it exactly right or else you won’t get to the website. That means if someone makes a spelling or typing mistake while trying to get to your website, you risk missing out on their business.

UNLESS you have leveraged your misspellings! Here’s how:

Have a brainstorming session for all of the common ways people might misspell your domain name. If you use your name you’re probably already familiar with the common butcherings, so make sure those are on your list.

For example, our main domain name is

Because the name “Laura” is so common, it rarely gets misspelled. However, you likely could not figure out how to spell Laura’s last name just by hearing it. It sounds like it might be spelled Roader, Roder, Rohder, or sometimes people mis-hear it and think it is Rober.

Once you have your list of misspellings go to your domain registrar (We prefer and register the most common misspellings. One, you don’t want to miss that traffic and two you don’t want someone else nabbing that domain name and possibly having control over your public image.

The next step is very important – redirect all of the misspelled domain names to your main site
. This is called a forward or redirect and is often found under the name server settings of your domain registrar account. Just go through each domain and forward them to go your main URL. If you need help with this step, call up the company where you bought your domain names and they should be able to help you.

This task is a bit tedious but you can now sleep well knowing all of the bad spellers of the world will be sent to the right place!

So get to it and turn those misspellings into new orders & customers!

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