How to Guarantee That Your Videos Get Shared on Social Media

It’s simpler than you might think to get your videos to “go social” . It’s not about fancy lighting, professional equipment, or a magical perfect video length.

Instead, it boils down to one thing and one thing only:


Your video content is what will determine if you go social or if you’re marketing to a crowd of crickets.

So, how do you make sure that your content is up to par?

Create video content that offers one or more of these three things:

1. Entertainment: Give your viewers an emotional response. Create videos that make them laugh, cry, or simply create something beautiful that they will want to share with their friends and families. By entertaining your viewers and engaging their emotions, you help them connect with your content motivate them to share your videos with their networks. Emotional responses are most inspired by:

  • Humor and laughter
  • Shock, surprise, and awe
  • Sadness, empathy, and the cuteness factor
  • Beauty and art

2. Information: Help your audience learn something new about themselves or their business. People are likely to share useful and helpful videos that their networks will also benefit from. This category can include breaking news or sharing newsworthy information, but attempting to always break the latest news is not often a sustainable model to get shares for your videos – the sharing exponentially decreases as the story or information becomes irrelevant or outdated.

The ideal approach in this category is to provide information that will continue to be helpful over time. Think strategy instead of tactics. Tactics may change, but the thought process behind strategy development teaches your audience to fish vs. giving them a free meal.

3. Identity & Personal Expression: Create contests, talk about issues and causes that are dear to your heart, and establish your unique personality so that people develop loyalty to you and your brand. The more closely your viewers identify with you, the more likely they are to share your content with others…. your views and content become a reflection of your viewers’ – by establishing your identity and expressing yourself, you help them express themselves.

sharing-videos Use these pointers to help your videos go social and set your business up for sustainable, long-term success. For more tips on video marketing, be sure to check out our latest offering inside Social Media Marketer, Zero to Video. It’s free for all members! Haven’t joined yet? It’s easy – click here to get started.

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