How To Boost Your Social Media Presence by Playing Up Your Strengths

Social media can be daunting. There are so many different options out there that it often feels overwhelming trying to sort through them all. It’s easy to get sucked into believing that you have to use every single social media site that’s available to you if you want to grow your business, but that’s simply not true! Trying to keep up with all of them is not only a total drain of energy, it’s also not required.

Instead, part of your social media strategy should be to play to your strengths and choose only the social media sites that suit you best (and feel at peace with leaving the rest!).

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Here’s how you can be sure to choose the sites that are right for you.

Step 1: Identify your strengths

Knowing what your natural strengths are and being clear on how you work best is key for maximizing the way you use your social media accounts. When it comes to communication, where do you excel, and how do you generally like to work? Maybe you’re naturally great at easily making connections with big players in your industry. Or perhaps you’re a natural at connecting other people together and forming communities. Do you get energy from jumping in on snippets of casual conversations, or do you prefer keeping things at the professional level and networking in the business-to-business realm? Or maybe you’re visually creative and love creating graphics and sharing photos?

The way that you enjoy working will help inform what social media streams are the best fit for you, so get clear on your strengths and what kind of work brings you energy, rather than depletes it.


Step 2: Identify which social media sites fit your strengths

The key is to choose social media sites that fit your strengths, so that using them to grow your business them never feels forced.

If you are creative and love visual imagery, and you could stare at pictures all day long without getting bored, Instagram and Pinterest will be your playground.

If you’re a whiz when it comes to networking, schmoozing, and connecting professionally with other businesses, and you want to be seen as the expert in your field, LinkedIn will be a great fit for you.

If you prefer casual, real conversations, and connecting with people on a more personal level outside of business, Facebook is for you.

Love being on camera and tinkering around with editing videos? Get yourself on YouTube!

And if you’re a wizard at communicating clearly and succinctly, and you love being able to charm big players in your field, you will rock at Twitter.


Step 3: Choose 2 social media sites to focus on

Choosing social media sites that play up your strengths is the key to making business feel fun and easy. You can’t do it all, so I recommend choosing just 2 social media sites and using them strategically, rather than trying to spread yourself thin by trying to be everywhere at once. Use the ones that feel natural to you and that don’t feel like “work” when you are using them. People can always tell when you are forcing yourself to use social media, and that forced feeling takes away from the authenticity of your business.

You don’t have to do it all, and social media strategy can feel fun and easy when you learn to do it right. When you play up your strengths and do what comes naturally to you, and choose just 2 sites to focus on, it ensures that your energy stays high so that you can rock your social media presence and have energy left to run the rest of your business.

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