Hashtag Your Event

Twitter Hash Icon by Simon Wheatley

If you ever conduct group calls, teleseminars, webinars, workshops or any other kind of live event you will love this week’s tip!

News about your online or offline live event can easily go viral IF you know how to promote it right on Twitter – and you’re about to know because I’m about to tell you! Now isn’t that convenient?

Using a hashtag, and announcing it early and often is a powerful way to get people talking about your business on Twitter. It also allows attendees to connect with each other and have a richer experience of your event.

A hashtag is indicated #LikeThis on Twitter, a word or phrase with the pound sign (#) in front of it and no spaces. #Hashtags are used to indicate the topic of a tweet. When someone uses a hashtag Twitter automatically makes the phrase a link that people can click on to see all the other tweets using the same #hashtag.

To get people tweeting about your event, announce the hashtag at the top of your event, then once or twice more during. Encourage attendees to quote you and discuss the content you’re sharing on twitter. Also don’t forget to share your own Twitter handle so that people can attribute your quotes. You can choose any hashtag that you like, but keep it as short and easy to spell as possible. Hashtags are “disposable”, meaning it doesn’t need to last forever and it’s OK if another event uses the same tag. So just keep it simple and easy and hashtag away!

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