Get Some Social Proof: Put Your Blog on Kindle

Did you know that you can get big exposure for your blog by listing it in the Kindle marketplace for free? (Props to Kaneisha who first told me about this.)

To get started, go to and sign up for a free account. Provide them with your blog URL, add a snapshot of your homepage and click go.

The Kindle team will review your blog and let you know when it’s available on Kindle! Easy as that!

Kindle automatically assigns a standard subscription fee to your blog, which you can’t change. You do receive a small percentage of the proceeds but don’t expect this one to be a money maker!

So why bother? Exposure. It’s a nice way to get “social proof”, your blog will have higher perceived value simply because it’s published on Kindle and available for subscription. And who knows what new readers may come across your blog while browsing Amazon?

Some of our favorite Kindle blogs include Seth Godin’s, Fast Company and Mashable.
Now that you’re on the marketplace, spread the word! Update your blog, website, and social media networks.

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