Get Noticed: How to Get Your Image Next To Blog Comments

Have you ever read a blog (like this one perhaps?) and seen those nifty photos next to the comments? Have you ever thought to yourself – how did those people get their picture to show up? Do you have to be part of some secret internet club? Do they have to smile pretty every time they leave a comment while some hidden camera snaps a photo?

You can rest easy because we’re solving this mystery here and now! Those nifty blog comment photos are called gravatars and it is super easy to get your own!

But first – why would you WANT a gravatar? Commenting on a blog is a great way to make yourself part of a community, and to get noticed by that blogs author and readers. It is much easier to remember who you are when there’s the instant visual recognition of a photo AND it makes people feel like they know you better.

example of gravatars on LKR’s blog

To create your own gravatar (it stands for Globally Recognized Avatar – clever huh?) simply go to and enter your email address.

You will need to upload a photo of yourself and tah-dah!

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