Get More Eyes on Your Launch With These 5 Simple Website Tweaks

If you’re about to launch something – say a product, program, new service – and you use your website as the main platform to get the word out, you gotta get your site spiffed up.

Just like inviting people over to your house for dinner or having a garage sale, there are some must haves that you better put in place to make sure:

  • People know that you are indeed launching
  • People know what you’re launching
  • People know how to buy … what you’re launching

Whether we are launching Creating Fame or another program, we always add a few key elements to our site to make sure it’s crystal clear what’s going on.

  • Nothing worse than people missing the party.
  • Having nowhere to click.
  • Having no idea that you even have a product.

And – it’s been proven that most people need to see something more than a few times to even get that you are asking them to click, watch, or understand and pay attention!

The Hello Bar


A hello bar allows you put to put a thin billboard at the top of your site. It’s one of those easy, non-pushy ways to show off what you’re up to!

Keep it up just for the launch or keep it up and change the messaging on it.

We like to make ours a slightly contrasty color to make sure people don’t miss it.

Go to to sign up for a free account. There are other services that also offer this type of bar at the top of your site – try ViperBar for free!

Both of these options come with complete instructions for installing it on your site. Simple follow the directions to install it on your site either in the code or using a WordPress widget.

Bonus: Set up your first split test ever – by making 2 versions of the hello bar – see which one gets the most clicks! Declare a winner.

The Alert Boxes

If you don’t already have optins below each blog post (or even if you do) – you should definitely be using some sort of shaded alert box on the bottom of relevant/related posts.

So – say for instance you are doing a spring detox program – add a shaded box under all spring recipe or detox related posts. Another option is to put it on your current posts only – so as soon as you decide to do a launch of something, start putting it at the bottom of posts.

Here are a few examples we love:

Derek Halpern uses the alert and note boxes throughout his posts to direct people’s attention where he wants it – use these at the beginning or end to do the same thing with your next launch!alertboxsocialtriggers

Here’s how I used the alert box under the video that came out during the launch of Fearless Launching. It’s straightforward, simple, and yellow. You can’t miss it.


Primary Offering Graphic – coming soon and enrolling version

The top of your sidebar is prime real estate for things you want people to see first.

So use it!

Put a graphic in this spot that clearly states the name of your offer and ‘enrolling now’ or ‘now available’ that links to your sales page, sales site, or other way to go through your sales process.

Here’s LKR’s primary offering – we keep it at the top of our sidebar –


Danielle Laporte wants her Desire Map to be front and center on her site – so even though she doesn’t have a sidebar per se, she puts the video for Desire Map front and center. This is another great option!


Bumper on the end of videos

If you make videos for your site – add a message at the end that says what you’re up to, what’s coming soon, what’s NOW OPEN!

Easy peasy- doesn’t have to be fancy.

Add a Line

Add in a line of text on your blog posts, on your about page, anywhere that people might be reading related content. Related to your launch, to your offer.

If you liked this information on x, you would probably love [insert product name]. Click over here to learn more right now!

You can also do this in your weekly newsletter! Keep it direct, simple, and clear.

Write a We’re Open Blog post

Yes – simple again. Write a post that announces you are open for business – why enroll in your program? Why you need [insert your service]? How to work with me? 7 reasons why this {program, service, product} rocks.

Sample titles:

  • Introducing the {insert your amazing named product}
  • The {name of program/service} is officially open for business.
  • Why you need [insert your service]?
  • 3 reasons you need to learn { name of program} today!

How all these elements benefit your launch

You have to do less direct selly-sell emails – as Chris Brogan calls them.

You pre-sell people every single time they lay eyes on your website.

You provide the “next step” for anyone reading your posts, visiting your site looking for an answer. It’s right there – front and center.

You get people comfortable with the fact that you are now selling something – this is especially useful if you’re in transition from a blog to a business and this is your first launch.

Is there a downside to putting all of these pieces onto your website leading up to and during your launch?

No. The more people who are aware of what you’re doing, the better chance you’ll not only get the right people signing up, but you’ll also stay committed to delivering and launching what and when you say you will.

So do it.

Okay – what one thing will you do to your website today to prep it for launch?

Leave a comment below and also forward this to a friend who needs to be more obvious when they are launching!

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