Facebook Test-Drives Changes to Get More of Your Money

“Why hello there, Facebook! Have you done something different with your hair?”

Facebook is not afraid of change. There’s a new News Feed coming that’s supposedly going to rock our visual world. Are you ready for it?

The other important news for those looking to get more exposure on Facebook is about their Promoted Posts. Not long ago, you would upload an image or post a link, and then have the option to pay to spread the word further and ensure that more of your fans could see your post. So if you were announcing a big launch, for example, it was a great way to make sure the people who were interested got the message.

Or was it? Most businesses have Facebook Pages with followers who aren’t exactly their target customers. It happens easily: people in your network like your Page to help you get that number into triple digits in the beginning, but they might live in the “wrong” city or country; it’ll be hard for them to cash in your 30% off coupon at your store’s opening.facebook-followers-customers

Here’s an example of a customer question we got recently that perfectly outlines this conundrum. Jamie’s business sells products that are common in Japan, but her target customers are in the English-speaking corners of the globe. “Every day I have to go in and delete comments that are in Japanese, even though they’re my fans! Is there a way to filter my Promoted Posts so that my Japanese fans don’t get them?”

We were happy to be able to deliver the good news: yes, there is a way! It just takes a little bit of work. Here’s what you need to know:


“Boost Post,” “Get More Reach” and “Advertise Post” are the old Promote Post. Like every smart business, Facebook is testing how users respond to different versions of copy. They all do the same thing: bring your post in front of more eyeballs, those of your fans and of their friends.


“Promote Page Posts” is more complex, and lets you target people. Although it’s more complicated, we recommend going this route. In addition to being able to target your audience, you’ll have MUCH more control over your budget.

  • Head to the Ads Manager here to create a new ad.
  • Choose your Page at the top and then select “Promote Page Posts.”
  • Choose which post you want to promote, and then click Remove in the Sponsored Stories box. Trust us, it’s for the best.
  • Below that you’ll identify your audience. Think about who you want to reach: where do they live? What language do they speak? Are they already your fans or do you want to exclude your fans from the reach to target new potential fans?
  • Give this campaign a specific name so you can reference it easily later.
  • Set your budget and go!

Still a little uncertain about your Facebook marketing? Check out our free Facebook Cheat Sheets to stop guessing and start getting real leads!


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