About Me

I came to the wonderful land that is the United States in search for the American Dream. I always knew that I had to put in some effort if I was to live the American Dream. On top of my priorities was to get a good education and so I enrolled for a degree program.

Life was not so rosy back then because I had to shuffle between three jobs and my education. Alas, five years down the line, I thought I had it all. I was living the American dream! I had the perfect job; a leadership program for engineers for one of the top aerospace companies in the world. Having secured a job, I went ahead and bought a home and a car to top it off. As far as I was concerned, this is what I came to America to achieve.

Life throws in some challenges when you get too comfortable. In my case, it was a severe bout of illness that almost rendered me bankrupt. I was in and out of hospitals, underwent several surgeries and in the end, came out broke. This spell of illness left a massive dent in my bank account.

I was back to the drawing board; I had to find a way to recoup my losses.

A Stint at Network Marketing

Back on my feet, I went round looking for opportunities to make extra money. Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine, so when a colleague from the work place introduced me to the concept of Multi-Level Marketing, I had a breakthrough.

The concept of Network Marketing bounded so well with my ambition. I started off with my small circle of acquaintances, then I roamed the streets of my neighborhood, malls & networking groups to recruit my prospects… you name it, I’ve done it. Soon, I had talked to everyone I knew asking them to join my network. It was time to cast the net wider. I had a good conversion rate but a burning desire inside wanted more.

The traditional Network Marketing techniques were not going to quench this thirst. The Internet provided the next frontier for my MLM business.

Enter Inbound Marketing

After a lot of research, I launched my online presence and was successful in generating more leads for my MLM business. One thing I learned from my online MLM business is that the higher the website traffic the higher the conversion rate.

Clearly there was a way to attract more visitors, enhance their experience and therefore make them qualified prospects. I started researching on online marketing techniques and it is then that I stumbled on inbound marketing. What makes inbound marketing the best way to market is that prospects look for you instead of you looking for them.

This is unlike the offline MLM where I was looking for prospects to join my team. After a few initial successes with online MLM, I shifted my focus from traditional marketing to inbound marketing. The results were so profound that I was paying all my bills from my website for a while. I have been blogging about online marketing for some time and I started getting inquiries on inbound marketing services.

Most of the people that contact me have an online presence but are just not getting traffic or closing on leads. This problem is what I am looking to solve.

My Online Marketing Services

Today, I am an online marketing consultant helping small business improve their sales through proven and workable online strategies. Head over to my marketing services page for an overview of how I can help you improve your business.