A Behind-the-Scenes Look at 15 Women in Business (including Laura!)

You’ve wondered.

You look around at all the successful women in business – women who are building profitable, buzz-worthy brands, and you wonder – “How did she do it?”

Chances are good that there are a number of people in business that you admire, look up to and maybe even envy a little bit, right?

They seem to have everything together and know exactly what it takes to be uber successful.

You watch them, join their lists, maybe even purchase their products in hopes of getting a glimpse at what has made them so successful.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

We’ve all been there. It’s human nature to be curious about others – especially those we deem to be a few (or many) steps ahead of us.

It’s incredibly easy to put people on pedestals and aspire to be just like them someday. Perhaps we even start emulating them in our own businesses, assuming that what works for them will work for us (tip: it rarely does). Or maybe we start feeling so inadequate as we slip further and further into compare-and-despair thinking, that we wonder if we’re even cut out for this and if we CAN actually be successful.

But the truth is – these women are just like you. That’s the big secret! They started where you started. They’ve failed. They’ve taken big risks and continue to do so. They still have blips and burns. They mess up. They get scared. And they doubt themselves sometimes.

And they keep on going.

Yes, they do a lot of things right. They are crystal clear on their message and brand. They know exactly who their right people are. They put a marketing system in place that works. They make offers and don’t apologize for making a profit. They take big risks in pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream.

But they are real human beings, just like you. They make mistakes and have setbacks, and they rock it out of the park and have huge wins.

Just like you.

But with all the hype and big promises online, it’s refreshing to hear it straight from the lips of those that have been there. To get the real truth on what it takes to Go Pro in business and have the life you desire.

Going Pro Magazine

That’s why I’ve put together the second issue of Going Pro, the magazine. This content-packed digital magazine features the stories of 15 women in business who are true role models and success stories about what is possible as a micro business owner – including the amazingly candid and super talented Laura Roeder.

You’ll go behind the scenes to hear the straight goods on exactly how they got to where they are today. No fluff, no filler – just amazing insight, business lessons and strategies you can use to play a bigger game in your business – starting today.

If you’ve been hovering around greatness for a while, and you’re ready to step it up – go grab yourself a free copy and prepare to be informed, enlightened and inspired to rise up and claim the success that’s waiting for you.

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