6 Steps to Freshen Up Your Social Media Efforts and Maximize Your Results

One of the hardest places to get to in your business is the comfort stage. That’s because it requires so much hustle and commitment to reach a level of stability.

Often this can take years to achieve consistent monthly revenue, a steady stream of regular clients and evergreen products and programs that sell themselves.

It also takes some time to figure out your average monthly costs and exactly how much profit you’re taking home.

So understandably when you get to that comfort stage, it feels pretty damn good to just stay there, enjoying the results you’ve achieved from all your effort.

And while that’s something you should definitely celebrate, you don’t want to get stuck in that comfortable space, or as Dr. Seuss likes to call it `the waiting place’.

This place is dangerous to hang out in. You’re neither growing nor stagnating. You’re just waiting for something to happen that’s either positive (such as new business or a partnership) or negative (lack of new clients, decline in sales of products or less website traffic).

Wouldn’t you rather be taking charge by dictating the future of your business and life?

I recently finished an intensive period of writing my soon to be published Suitcase Entrepreneur book and one of sections of the book is focused completely on building your online business. I revisited all my philosophies, opinions, and lessons around this. This included strategies to use, particularly around using online tools, social media and outsourcing.

Photo Credit: Adam Mulligan

Photo Credit: Adam Mulligan

As I wrote these chapters, I realized that I had become a little remiss about my own social media strategies and objectives. I had all the information I needed right at my fingertips and yet I’d become lax on how I was approaching my online world.

In many ways I had entered the comfort stage.

You may also be in the same place. Perhaps you enjoy checking in and engaging on social media each day.

But you’re probably not being as efficient or strategic as you could be. You may in fact just be focusing on what you like doing most, with no way of tracking whether this is bringing you new blog readers, website visitors or qualified leads.

6 ways to refocus your social media marketing efforts

So here are some ways to get refocused on making the most of your time spent online so that you can actually grow your business:

1. Focus on the top 3-5 tools and forget the rest. This will allow you to really master them and get results. You can add more sites later.

2. Spend 30-60 minutes per day (pick a time to do this and stick to it) doing the right things like engaging with your community, sharing your knowledge, adding value and answering questions across your key social media sites. Try Tomato Timer to help keep you focused.

tomatotimer 3. Check-in 2-3 times per day for 5-10 minutes to scan, engage & maintain interaction across your platforms (Hootsuite is my preferred tool for this)

4. Set a weekly schedule and stick to it by actually blocking out time in your calendar and treating it as marketing, sales and customer service time.

scheduleblocking 5. Track your results via Google Analytics and the social media sites’ analytics tools to measure what’s working, on a   regular basis (say every 2-4 weeks)

6. Tweak your strategy based on these results to get the most out of your time spent online. For example if Twitter  is driving you hundreds of weekly leads and Facebook just 5% of all your traffic, focus more of your efforts on Twitter related posts, updates and calls to action.

Next time you catch yourself checking all your main social media apps on your mobile or laptop with no real reason, but just because you want to `check in’ or `stay connected’, ask yourself what one action can you take to make this a highly useful activity for you and your business.

The next time you’re updating your Facebook page, ask yourself what you could do differently today to get more engagement from your fans and attract new ones? When was the last time you ran a poll? Ran a regular Q&A series? Posted a photo, quote or inspirational message?

On LinkedIn, check if you’ve updated your profile recently and how you could re-craft your bio and experience to attract more clients. Look at your company page analytics to see what’s been working and what you really don’t need to carry on doing. How may people have visited your products listed? How could you get more people commenting and leaving reviews?

On Twitter, look at what updates you’ve been making that have been receiving the most retweets, and how many conversations you’ve started or are currently having. What new hashtag streams could you search on to spice up your Twitter world? What keywords could you be using consistently for your brand so people know what to look for.

Next time you feel you’re getting too comfortable,  make sure you set yourself  new goals that excite and energize you, and apply these to your social media strategies to freshen up your methods and really ensure your business goes from strength to strength.

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