5 Reasons Why You Need To “Niche” Your Biz

I tried fitting into traditional business molds – I tried being an “interior designer”, a “writer”, and a “yoga teacher”, but none of them fit me and truly fulfilled my needs. It wasn’t until I examined what unique skill set I already possessed, and then worked backwards from there, that I found my niche – my true calling.

I love yoga, and have 400 hours of training to back that up. I love business-building (can you tell from my varied resume above?). And then it hit me, my calling wasn’t to become the best vinyasa yoga teacher that ever lived, it was to help other yogis and budding entrepreneurs find their niche, expand their reach, and grow their business.

When it comes to distinguishing yourself in your field, having a niche can be an extremely valuable tool. As you well know, a niche is an angle or perspective from which you deliver your offerings, or the style in which you offer them.

If you’re afraid that having a niche will exclude potential customers or clients or pigeon-hole you, you’re not alone. Many people share this exact same fear, and therefore never pursue a niche. But, nothing could be farther from the truth – having a niche is a great way to connect with your target market on a deeper level, and because your niche is a reflection of you and your passion, it will also mean that your fans, followers, and customers will be more engaged and will love spreading the word about you!


Here are 5 reasons why you should consider “niching” your biz.

1. It distinguishes you.

If you’re having trouble distinguishing yourself in a crowded industry, find a niche! Maybe you’re the straight-talking yogi – no Sanskrit here! Or perhaps you’re a new mom and self-taught vegan cook, and leverage your unique skill set to create Youtube videos that share how to cook vegan baby food. With a niche you can create a career – and a lifestyle – that’s a reflection of you!

2. You’ll feel more fulfilled.

If you try to fit into a mold of what you think you “should be”, you’re never going to be truly happy. A niche allows you to craft your career around your uniqueness. The more you fuse your passions with your skill set, the happier you’ll be.

3. It’s helpful.

Having a niche allows you to fulfill a need. When you have a focus, people know exactly what to come to you for, because they know exactly what you offer. Instead of spreading yourself thin, trying to be everything to everyone, you can hone in on what you’re truly good at. This focus allows you to use your unique skill set to truly fulfill a need for your customers and clients.

4. You’ll have more focus, drive and motivation.

Sometimes people fear that a niche will limit their creativity and potential because they’ll run out of ideas, but nothing could be farther from the truth. A niche will give you focus, drive and motivation since you’ll continually be interacting with your target market, and they will let you know what services, programs, and products they’re interested in. The further you delve into your niche, the more pockets of expansion you’ll see. Plus, since your offerings will all have a focus, those that like what you have to say will become repeat customers.

5. You’ll become an expert.

When you have a niche, you have the potential of rising to the level of expert. There may be thousands of competitors out there in your industry, but if you offer something different – like yoga business advice instead of just “business advice” – you set yourself apart, and ahead, of the competition. When you have a distinctive focus, style, or approach, you’re setting yourself up to become known as the top expert in your niche!

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