5 launch hacks that save you time, make you money, and serve your customer

Launching sucks.

Yep – I said. It can stink. Big time.

I love launching – and yet it sucks the life out of most people.

It’s exciting and yet when it’s not working or there’s too much to do – it’s a rollercoaster ride.

Going through the process is draining, costs you money you usually don’t have, and usually manages to annoy many of the people on your list.

Is there any way out of the doldrums, the anxiety, the hours and hours of work?

Yes – yes there are plenty of ways to hack your launch and actually enjoy it!

The Easy Peasy Launch

An online product launch can be one of the easiest and most fun parts of my business.

I always like looking for ways to save time – which then leads to me giving myself a raise – and also serving the people who believe in me enough to click buy.

I want launching to be easy – to be laid back – to avoid as much of the normal launch anxiety as possible.

I love it when you look at the to do list and you are so amazed that it’s been done for AWHILE.

But getting there isn’t a one time set it and forget operation.  You have to get creative and look for things that first and foremost save you time.

Once you can start shaving the time it takes to complete certain launch tasks – then you’ll start seeing the returns everywhere else. You’ll feel better, you’ll be saving money, making more, and you won’t be annoying those soon to be customers!

Are you with me?

Check out the 5 launch hacks that save you time, money and serve your customers


Keep it Green

Every email you write, every video you make, every piece of content you share – should be re-useable.  That’s what keeping it green means!

Evergreen simply means you avoid mentioning  time, date, historical references, or anything that DATES the material, so it can be used for-ever and ever.

Just like those tv shows where you chuckle when you see an old cell phone or old computer.  Don’t be like that.  Keep it fresh, clean, simple, and classic.

When you make your launch and product material evergreen, you cut down on the re-recording or editing of the content that takes time to create.

Do your future self or launch team a huge favor and making as much of your content EVERGREEN.

Make Bonuses Exclusive

People take their time making decisions and you might be tempted to have a long open cart period.  That’s fine…but there’s another great way to encourage people to make a quick decision…offering bonuses that expire!

Instead of making all product bonuses available to everyone for the entire length of the launch – make bonuses a way to incentive-ize fast action…and limit some to a short period of time.

REWARDING people for their fast action is a way to decrease the actual length of your launch. Who wants to be in a holding pattern for more than a few weeks?

Lose the extras

Instead of packing on feature after feature or bonus upon bonus into your product or service – stop the insanity.  Stop adding extras.  You aren’t necessarily making your offer any better.

Before adding ANYTHING to your offer – ask yourself these questions:

Does the customer need this to get the most from this program?

Is this extra baggage that does nothing to further the main content in the course?

Am I selling bonuses or covering up a weakness in the product?

Are you giving more to justify the price?

By keeping an eye on what the customer actually wants and needs you avoid the extra work to a minimum.

Remember – extra doesn’t mean better or “more worth it”.

Set clear refund policy

Doesn’t matter what your policy is – make it clear and dispense bonuses accordingly.

If you are not offering refunds – give customers as much of the product right away INCLUDING bonuses RIGHT AWAY, so they can be excited and happy about their purchase.

Giving people 30 days to decide? Deliver your bonuses as graduation gifts! Give them a reason to stick around.

No questions asked or prove it didn’t work? Make it clear how customers will need to PROVE your product or program did not work for them.  The easiest solution is to create a worksheet they must fill out to show they’ve done the work.

Re-purposing content 101

Whether it’s a blog post turned email series or a launch toolkit or a guest post you did somewhere else made into a pdf… always be thinking about what you can repurpose for maximum effect.File:Recycle001.svg

Repurposing is different from evergreen.  Repurposing means looking at the bulk of content you’ve created and finding ways to pull it into other areas of your business. Evergreen is the way in which you create content so that it can be repurposed in the first place!

Great example: when people purchase, you might consider giving them something right away! Instead of trying to hustle your way to making a 5 day video series (which could turn out a little janky)…create an email series that points to 5 blog posts or the different materials in your toolkit.

Taking it a step further…also think of how you can turn an old blog post or several old blog posts into pre-launch content. Choose 3 posts that work together as an intro to the course you are going to be launching.  Make a landing page, write 3-4 emails linking out to the content. And done. You have a new way to get people interested in your program.

Why you should become a launch hacker

After you go through one launch where it feels like you’ll never get anything done…you’ll get why starting the next launch feels sooo much better when part of the list is already complete because you planned for the NEXT one.

You want to save time.

You want to save money.

You want to avoid being stressed out.

You want to make good decisions.

You want launching to be EASY.

Curious how you can start implementing these hacks and learn a whole bunch more? Two options:

Free >> Check out my the Launch Essentials Toolkit – my free toolbox to get you started on your next launch…

Not free but worth it >> Check out Fearless Launching my online program teaching you how to launch your first online program, product or service.

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