3 Ways to Hire Support for Your Business (even if you’re just starting out)

The most pervasive myth in entrepreneurship is the “solopreneur” because no one really does it all alone. Everyone, from the high school principal to the President, has a support team in place so they can make a big difference in people’s lives.

Even if you’re just starting out, here are 3 ways to get some help so you can reach a bigger audience, make more money and enjoy freedom in your business!

1. Short Term Service Swap

If you’re in need of a solution that doesn’t require on-going support and have a network of talented friends and colleagues, then a service swap may work for you. Instead of hiring reach out to your network and ask if someone is willing to do a trade.

You can’t expect to get high quality work for free so be sure to have value to give in exchange. If you arrange to fix a few pages of web copy and your friend is willing to edit a few videos then you’ll both gain from the trade.

Some common ways to arrange a trade are:
· a set number of hours offered
· gifting a program or content you sell
· serving as a case study or providing a testimonial
· promoting them to your network or list

Avoid taking advantage of people by only seeking to promote those who you would support regardless of the trade. Remember these are short term deals so be prepared to pay if you were to come back for more help later.

And when targeting partners for this strategy, look for those in a similar business stages who maybe need feedback or practice in their field. Early in my business I would trade participation in a program in exchange for detailed and strategic advice to improve the offer.

2. Get Targeted Help Locally

We all have tasks that we don’t do well, dislike or that we procrastinate on for weeks. If you have tasks in your business that drain your energy whenever you think about it then it’s time to get support. Hiring a local employee can help you get past the barriers holding you back.

Take a tip from talented clothing designer Ana Manzano who hired assistants and interns to cut the recycled felt for her clothing line. By streamlining the prep side of production she can now easily pull out a pre-cut block and quickly create custom orders from her Etsy shop or produce in bulk for a trade show.

Think outside of your business and consider hiring help to babysit, clean your house, do errands or prepare some healthy and easy to heat meals. This support can give you more time to devote to growing your business and relieve some stress as well.

3. Consider a Short Term Virtual Assistant

VAs come in all contract sizes – from the long term team member to someone hired for just a few hours at a time. By far the number one excuse I hear is “I can’t afford to hire help.” And I insist, you can’t afford not to either. VAs can help you promote your work while you sleep, research opportunities, manage your web presence and solve technical problems.

As long as you’re clear and communicate your budget, needs and the type of person who would do well working in your company, than you can hire quickly to get help now. Once you have a system for hiring, you’ll see how you can bring in support as needed until it’s time for full time staff.

If you don’t know where to start you can get my free system on hiring for your online business and I’ll give you the resources, assignments and a step by step guide to finding and hiring in just 5 days.

Even if you’re just starting your business open yourself to the opportunities to grow faster so you can enjoy more clients, income and ultimately, freedom.

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