3 Ways to Get Ready for Facebook’s Next Big Change

We’re about to see some major changes from Facebook! Everyone feels different about change, especially ones that can greatly affect our business. But whether we love it or not, these guys decided to dramatically redesign the Facebook News feed.

The good news? Facebook knows what a powerful tool it is for marketers, so it tends to keep us in mind – after all, they want to stay in business too!

The better news? There’s a new focus on images in the News Feed which means more real estate for your brand. Here’s the breakdown:

Less clutter means more focus on content!

Before: If you look at your News Feed now, you’ll notice it’s only about a third of the space of your screen. The rest of the space is taken up by the right and left columns which are full of navigation links and ads.

Soon: The mail goal of the redesign was to created a wider and therefore more prominent News Feed. Anything with an image will be bigger and look better than in the current version. That means every time you post a photo, an image, or a video, it’ll make a bigger visual impact. That’s not all: the Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts that you run with Facebook Ads will be bigger and better as well! More bang for your buck, so you should see better results as well.

Action Plan: Figure out a way to incorporate more and better images into your Facebook content strategy. Images can be a lot of things: photos of your team, inspirational posters, logos, Instagram photos, screenshots, headshots, charts or graphs, or announcements or quotes created with Photoshop or Paint. Go out hunting for ideas by revisiting the pages of the brands you’re a fan of on Facebook.


Your cover image just got WAY more important.

Before: In the current News Feed, I’ll see the profile photo on your brand’s page if one of my friend’s likes it.

Soon: Your page’s cover image will be front and center, giving you a LOT more pixels to make a lasting impression.

Action Plan: Make sure your cover image represents your business in a beautiful way AND gives people an idea of what they can expect if they visit and like your page.


Sub- News Feeds may present a challenge.

Before: Your News Feed is a jumble of posts from friends, Likes, photos, page updates, applications and advertisements in many different forms.

Soon: Users will have the option to choose different News Feeds, including All Friends, the feed with (you guessed it) everything your friends are doing on Facebook. In order to filter to see content from businesses or people they follow, they’ll choose the Following feed. This could be both good or bad. If you’ve got diehard fans who hate missing new company blog posts, for example, they’ll be able to find everything you’ve posted recently by checking out the Following feed. If they’re only interested in what’s going on with the people in their network, they may opt for the All Friends feed. How this will affect advertisers who choose to place ads in the All Friends feed is yet to be seen.

Action Plan: Step up your content creation toute suite! Working harder on offering can’t-miss content could mean the difference between a huge bump in fan-interaction and a loss in brand awareness.


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Photos courtesy of Facebook Studios’ A New Look For News Feed

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