3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Next World Domination Summit

I spoke at the first World Domination Summit back in 2011, and in 2013 I returned as an attendee.

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Here are the 3 big reasons why I keep coming back:

Inspiring Speakers

Now that I’m a little farther along in my business, I find that conferences usually aren’t the best forum for learning business strategies and tactics. I have the basics down, but the next level is all about more advanced material that really can’t be covered in an hour-long talk.

However, the thing that will NEVER get old in business growth is inspiration! Hearing the inspiring stories in others never ceases to motivate and spark new ideas in me.

Over the years I would say WDS has leaned more towards  inspiration over tactics, which I think is the exact right move. Don’t get me wrong: I learned a few things too (in particular, Nancy Duarte’s talk will forever change how I teach). But the epiphanies stirred by hearing the speaker’s personal stories were well worth the price of admission.


Inspiring Attendees

What’s even better than hearing the amazing story of a speaker on stage? Hearing the amazing story of a friend across the table from you. One of my favorite days of the conference was spending the afternoon with Stu McLaren of Wishlist Member and Amy McLaren of World Teacher Aid. Not only has Stu bootstrapped an incredibly successful software company, but he and his wife Amy started their own initiative to build schools in Africa. I know I’ve dreamed of doing projects like this and told myself the time would come after I’m not spending so much time in my business. Stu & Amy didn’t let that excuse stand in their way and are changing their world now (while raising a toddler to boot!). Talking to Stu and Amy really inspired me to think bigger about both my business and philanthropic interests.

Friends That “Get” You

Looking around during the final session, I saw that I was surrounded by people I had met back  at WDS 2011 who have become close friends. I’ve often felt that it’s hard to make deep friendships as a “grown up;” most of my closest friends are people that I knew in college. But WDS proved my theory totally incorrect. Because all the attendees are living “the art of non-comformity” (the title of organizer Chris Guilliebeau’s first book) you’ll find instant common ground right away. You can’t put a monetary value on the friendships that have come out of this conference – they’ve simply made my life more awesome.


For more info about the World Domination summit, check out their website. I hope to see you at WDS 2014!

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