3 Insights Google Analytics Can Show You About Your Social Media Traffic

Ever wonder exactly what you’re getting out of your social media efforts? If it’s working? If you could improve it somehow?

Well, you can, with Google Analytics (and for free!)

You can learn a lot about your social media traffic with Google Analytics, but here’s 3 insights to get you started:

1. Where in the World is Your Social Media Traffic?

Why do you care where in the world your social media traffic is coming from? Maybe you’d like to host a local meetup or open up a pay-with-a-tweet store – knowing where your engaged social media followers are will help you select the best locations.

Social Media Map

You can see most of my social media traffic comes from the United States but you can go as deep as city-specific data too!

(How do you view just your social media traffic like in this screenshot? See the below snapshot. Just create an “Advanced Segment” with the sites your active included as sources. Use “or” instead of “and” to combine all your social media sites and you’re all set!)

Social Media Advanced Segment

2. What Content Does Your Social Media Traffic Find Most Appealing?

Ever struggle to come up with content that’ll drive visitors to your website from social media? Google Analytics can stop your guesswork and show you what’s worked.

Social Media Popular Content

You can see exactly what pages your social media traffic is clicking over to see from your social media platforms.

(How easy is this now that you have your Social Media Traffic segment set up?)

3. How Much of an Impact Does Social Media Have On Your Conversions?

I’m talking about beyond tweet-click-signup here. I’m talking about all the uncredited assisted conversions for your site. How do you give social media all the credit it deserves if someone discovers you on Twitter but later signs up for your newsletter via a guest post?

The answer? Assisted Conversions.

Note: you’d have to have goals set up first for this one to work.

Social Media Assisted Conversions
(no advanced segment needed for this one!)

Not seeing the impact you’d like from your social media traffic? Social Media Marketer might be the resource for you.

What have you learned about your social media traffic with Google Analytics? What would you like to learn? Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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