5 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Email List

maximize-your-email-listEngaging with your email list subscribers is important to breaking the ice and building trust. However, are the subscribers taking the next steps to become paying customers?

We have talked about optimizing your blog, various ways to generate leads and how to make your landing pages convert well. Producing great content and promoting it using the right channels with help you get a good number of prospects.

However, you don’t simply want to build a list and stop there. Rather, you want the leads to take the next step and become customers.

Some leads may be interested in your products or services, but may need a little reminder to buy. This is where you come in. You can help your prospects take the next step and become customers through simple ways that will not make you look like you are trying too hard to push a sale.

Below are five ways in which you can convert qualified email leads into customers.

1. Set up Triggered Follow Up Emails

When prospects subscribe to your list to get notifications on new blog posts or an offer from you, your brand is at the top of their mind. You want to keep this momentum going

One of the ways of doing this is to set up a trigger emails. These are emails that are sent automatically to subscribers when they do a certain action related to your campaign.

For example, if your customers are at your online store and they abandon the cart or cancel subscription, you can send an automatic email asking why they did so. Could it be that the shopping cart is confusing or they didn’t find value in their subscription?

In the trigger email, you can offer an alternative that will help the leads stay with you. In the case or an abandoned shopping cart, how about offering free shipping or a discount for the item the customer was looking to buy?

Trigger emails get the attention of your customers because they are relevant and timely. According to getAmplify, trigger emails get 152% click-through rate, which is higher than what traditional emails get. Moreover, trigger emails have a 50% high open rate.

When set up well, trigger emails can play an important role in achieving your business sales goals.

2. Personalize Your Email Content

Another way to get value from your subscribers list is to build a rapport by personalizing your messages. Personalized messages make personalize-your-email-contentsubscribers feel that you are talking specifically to them rather than a large group.

Personalization goes beyond the common tactic of addressing subscriber by their name. For the best results, you should segment your list for further personalization.

For example, some of my subscribers are interested in social media marketing tips while others are struggling with content marketing. One way I can personalize my message is by sending exclusive content or recommending services that are tailored for the specific list segments.

My subscribers struggling with social media marketing may be interested in getting a Facebook Ads course at a discount. On the other hand, those interested in content marketing may want a one-on-one coaching call to review their content marketing strategy.

Sending different laser relevant messages to the different segments of my lists ensures that I build a rapport with my audience.

The more you segment your audience, the better your personalization could be. Depending on your industry, you may want to segment leads by gender, geographic region, age group, income levels and so on. This hyper-segmentation is crucial especially if you are providing a wide range of services of products that may not be blanket-liked by all your audience members.

Personalization also helps to reduce unsubscribe rates.

3. Have a Clear and Engaging Call to Action

You should have a goal for sending any email. For example, you may want subscribers to visit your blog, take advantage of a sale, use a coupon code, join your Facebook group of do any other action you may want.

A clear CTA is more likely to get subscribers to take action and move further down into your sales funnel.

TIP: Do not simply settle for a CTA and stop there. Test different CTAs and track their performance using your analytics tracking tool to see which ones get the highest click-through rate. A study by Content Verve shows that conversions can increase by up to 14.79% by changing the CTA copy. Test. Test. Test.

4. Link your CTA to a Dedicated Landing Page

The CTA should lead subscribers to a page that is relevant to the information they are expecting. Getting subscribers to click a CTA is difficult and you don’t want to waste your efforts by directing them to an irrelevant page.

Have a dedicated landing page for every CTA in your email. The landing page should deliver what you promised in the email message.

For example, if you want subscribers to read your blog and indicate to them in the email that you have a post about “10 ways of getting coupons”, do not link the CTA to a page about lowering credit card debt.

Doing so is misleading your subscribers and can hurt your reputation. Some subscribers may even unsubscribe from your list for taking them for a ride.

Keep your emails short and sweet. If you are using images in your emails, make sure they do not overshadow the CTA links. Moreover, the copy in the email should explain to subscribers what they will get when they click the CTA.

5. Offer an Unannounced Bonus to Your Email Subscribers

offer-unannounced-bonusNo matter the goal you have with your subscribers, you should strive to over-deliver value. There is nothing that makes subscribers trust you faster than providing more than they expected when they signed up for your list.

One good way of over-delivering value is to offer a webinar or exclusive course to the subscribers. This additional value should not be previously disclosed before visitors sign up to your list.

Providing a course cements your concern for the subscribers and also provides other benefits such as:

  • You can establish yourself as an authority in an subject you choose
  • It increases the exposure of your business to the subscribers, which improves the chances of conversions.
  • You can show more of what you have to offer before you pitch a sale to the subscribers.

Following up your subscriber with a free valuable course is a great way to lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.

The best thing is that you don’t have to work every day to keep in touch with your subscribers. You can set up an auto responder and ensure your subscribers are kept engaged, which will help you generate sales in the long term. Here is a tutorial from Smashing Magazine that takes you step by step on how to create an auto responder course that will help you make sales.


For all the strategies you are using, make sure you test and track them to gauge their performance. The fact that visitors provided their email address to join your list means that they are wholly or partially interested in what you have to offer.

When you deliver value consistently to your subscribers, you will build their trust and steadily move them down towards the road of purchasing. The above 5 ways are simple yet effective in helping you build trust and move your leads down the road to becoming customers.

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